Marius T. McClary                                                                                                                              Per #5       The Golden Dragon Begins  Book#1 There he is I shouted. Christina hurry up he’s getting away! I looked over my shoulder and I saw Christina face it… it was a look of horror. Then Christina yelled look out!! Then I looked down th th there was no floor I stuttered where was the cracked grey cement floor of the abandoned warehouse Then out of the blue well I suspected it was going to happen. I started plunging towards the ground. I was screaming in fear like my first ever roller coaster ride on the way down a mile long stretch of track but there was no safety bars holding me in. I was stopped short of the scary ride with me hitting avery solid object but the object was very bright and burning hot. All of the oxygen in my lungs gushed out and I started sinking very slowly like I was in the desert sinking in the golden sand of sinking sand. While I was sinking I heard Christina crying and shouting, “Jack stop playing around” and the very last thing I heard before completely submerged was “Jack Goldd come back!” Then everything went black. All I could do was think and all I was thinking of was “Where is my little brother Joseph and what are these weird words?” The words are Whispering “This is not the end of your journey this is just the beginning.” Then there was nothing. Then I heard my alarm clock and I gasped and shot straight up in my bed. I was drenched in freezing cold sweet. I tore my covers of and ran straight into the bathroom I turned the water on at cold I tried to get some water on my face but I hit my head really hard. I was about to yell OW but it did not hurt. I stood all the way up and looked into the mirror I wasn’t looking at myself I was looking at a gold gladiator helmet with a mask of a knight on it. I stumbled back in fear and on my body I had golden dragon scales and melted gold in the shape of wings. In the of my chest there was a symbol of a chinese dragon in the shape of a circle. I touched the dragon and it all started to collapse into the dragon and then it vanished. I lifted up my shirt and there was a solid gold dragon emblem embedded in my chest.I don’t remember getting that it must have been my drea…m wait this all happened in my dream so it might not have been a dream. Then it struck me like Zeus threw a lightning bolt straight at my heart “Joseph”, I screamed as loud as I could “JOSEPH!!!” I tore out of the bathroom as fast as I could. I checked everywhere in that three story house on goldd avenue in Port Orchard WA. I checked upstairs in his room and in the kitchen, I checked in the mid section of the house where my bedroom is I checked the living room, laundry room, and even mom’s bedroom. I even checked in the basement which always brought a shiver down my spine every time I go down there. I ran back upstairs as fast as my scrawny legs could take me in the mid section of the house with tears streaming down my eyes like two water falls. I ran into the living room and started bawling as hard as possible. I was bawling so hard that it felt like liquid gold was coming out of my eyes. I heard the doorbell ding 6 times and I heard Christina yell “Jack I know you are in there!” I wiped my eyes of and I got up and walked to the door and was about to answer it then I looked at my hands and there was gold streaks on it. That figures I sniffled then I wiped my hands off on my jeans then answered the door and then Christina tackled me in a giant bear hug. That surprised me big time. Oh yah I pondered as she sang happy birthday very loudly. She finished and pulled out a batch of freshly baked brownies with 15 swirly candles on it. They looked perfect they smelled like fresh hot fudge with hot chocolate. Christina is the best baker in my little town. We went into the kitchen as I pulled out a butter knife and handed it to her as she cut the brownies my mouth was watering but I don’t think it was water it tasted like gold. Anyway she handed me a plate of heaven. I graded a fork and cut a big chunk off of the brownie and put it in my mouth. Then I felt a weird feeling in my stomach then… BOOM! I exploded into a puddle of melted gold. Ten minutes later I reformed. Christina was like “What did you just do and stop scaring me like that!” As she was talking nonstop I was wondering “my weakness is BROWNIES!?!”I interrupted her and said “I need to show you something.”Then I reached up and touched the gold dragon on my chest. Then the armor went onto me and the dragon wings spread out… Christinas eyes rolled back into her head and then THUMP. As she hit the ground passed out cold. I went over and got a glass of water and dumped it on her (It was kind of rude to do that but it was the only thing I could think of to do). She gasped and wiped her face and looked at me and I yelled “DON’T PASS OUT AGAIN”! I pressed the gold dragon so she wouldn’t scream either but instead she grumbled “Let’s start training”. Wait what do you mean by training Christina I wondered out loud. Then she yelled the training we have to do to get you ready to fight the Magician. Christina what are you talking about? She turned around and growled my name is not Christina my name is Agent Dustifina!! I have to take you to the camp. Wait what camp I pondered. This camp is a training camp called Super Hero Training Camp. This camp is to train new supers like you. Then we walked outside and there was a Mclaren limousine at the curb and she turned around chimed go pack your stuff but leave your phone here. I ran inside packed my stuff really fast and tossed my phone on my bed. I went outside and threw my stuff in the frunk (the frunk is when the trunk is in the front of the car). I got in the back seat of the car and we drove away from that house but what I didn’t know that was the last time I would see that house for a long time. I was about to ask Agent Dustifina where we were going but before I said anything she like read my mind and answered “we are going to Michigan.” We were in the car for hours before we stopped to get some food and go to the bathroom. We went into the gas station we got some donuts but not brownies because I didn’t want to explode again but when I went up to the register the guy wasn’t there and when I was walking up he was there. Then I yelled HELLO the only answer I got was a cold blade from a knife to my neck. I started reaching towards my chest but in a raspy voice told me to stop and he pressed the blade harder to my neck I could feel the golden blood trickling down my neck. Then my hand shot up faster than he could try and stop me and I pressed the golden dragon and everything went on and there was a giant THUD as the man hit the wall and broke everything on the wall and part of the wall. I went over there to check it out and see if he was still alive. I checked his pulse and he grabbed my arm and my whole arm turned into the blade of a gold sword. He shriked in pain because of how sharp the sword was. He yelled at me that I would never get Joseph back then there was a gunshot from behind me and his face had a bullet hole in his forehead. We got back in the vehicle after we had taken some stuff and put some money on the counter and filled the limo up with some gas so we didn’t have to stop for the rest of the time. I asked Agent Dustifina how he knew about Joseph and she told me that he was probably one of the Magicians goons that he killed and took over his mind. About an hour or two later I fell asleep and my dream was strange. My dream was about the fight that I will have to do and go up against the Magician. Like I hit him in the face super hard and I knocked him out. Then I lifted up his white face mask he wore but right before I saw his face I woke up in cold sweat again and we were still driving down the road and when I looked out the window we were somewhere in the desert and Agent Dustifina was still awake and I told her about my dream and she told me that it was either a really realistic dream or I just saw the future. We rode in the car in silence for a few more hours then I yawned are we almost in michigan yet and she answered that we aren’t going to michigan. Then I exclaimed YOU LIED TO ME!?! She grumbled “No I just can’t tell you because it is classified.” Then I answered “No you just can’t trust me and when I have to leave how will I know how to get back!?” “You just will all of the vehicles that you can take have gps devices in them so it will immediately tell you how to get back” Yelled Agent Dustifina. The conversation was over so I just looked out the window for the rest of the time but I fell asleep again and had the same dream again like right before I see his face I woke up but this time I was in a Jeep wrangler and not i n that really fancy car. I didn’t bother asking because I didn’t want to get in another fight so instead I stared of into space. Then Agent Dustifina Yelled “We are here!” I looked out the window and the sun was setting just like how I left so we have been in the car for three days! I got out and stretched and my legs kept popping over and over again same with my back and neck. I got out and there was a lot of people staring at me and I stared back and I was wondering what they were thinking. Then Agent Dustifina yelled everyone get back to what you were doing then everyone started to walk the same way while Dustifina walked me to a cabin that was gold and She told me that everyone Knows you here because there was a prophecy like you probably heard one like maybe when you fell in the bucket of melted gold. She threw my stuff on my bed cot thing and there was only one bed while I looked in the window of the other cabins and there was a bunch of beds. I asked Agent Dustifina why that was and she told me that they want you to feel comfortable so you can beat the Magician because he has taken something from all of them mostly their brother, sister, mom, or dad. So I will bring you some food but not brownies ok. Ya ok. I am going to see what else I can do as I pressed the golden dragon and my suit melted on. I thought of a sword while looking at my arm and my arm turned into a sword. Then I thought of a pistol and I was looking at my hand and my hand turned into a revolver. Then I looked in a mirror and I thought of a Golden Retriever then I shrank down a little and went down on all fours and I jumped up and I was a dog. Then I returned to normal because I thought about it. I have an awesome idea I thought as I thought of a mini tank while looking in the mirror and the best thing happened. I actually turned into one I was rolling around my room and I shot a missile it hit the wall and bounced back at me and it hit me but I just returned to normal. Agent Dustifina got here with some food Like hotdogs, grapes, pickles, and a donut. Then she left and I ate it all and went to sleep and had the same dream but I saw his face it was someone I knew like  my friend who went missing. It couldn’t be someone I know I must have miss saw him. I got up and got changed into some good clothes for the day.  I walked out the door and the breeze hit me and I looked to my right and there was an ocean there I didn’t even see that when I got here yesterday. I went to the place where everyone was walking yesterday and it was a cafeteria. When I got there there was only two other people there Agent Dustifina and this other kid who I didn’t know. I got my food and sat at a table by myself and started eating the other kid moved over by me and said his name was David and stuck out his hand and I shook it and told my name was Jack Goldd he looked in awe at me and mumbled it is a pleasure to meat you.I asked him why he was here and he murmured that The Magician kidnaped his brother, mom, and dad. He didn’t have a sister and I told him that it is ok he kidnapped my brother Joseph and I will get him for what he has done to all of us. Then Agent Dustifina walked over and questioned me when do you want to start training because if the prophecies right then you only have 2 days to train before you have to meet him at his base in Texas. I finished eating and waved bye to David and followed Dustifina outside. Day 1 of training we went into a big training center and we trained for hours on how to block and exercise then we had to do hand to hand combat until lunch time and she made me stay in there and keep working out and then she got in here and we ate then we trained my powers and I had a lot more powers than thought like I could shoot melted gold from my eyes like superman. I did something that I always wanted to do. I went cross eyed and the laser beams went into one big one and then I stopped the eye laser thing and I showed her that I could shape shift and  I formed myself into a lot of things she told me to form myself into a sand castle because she told me to then I formed myself into a little tank and she kept telling me to form myself into a lot of things. Then it was dinner time and she let me go to the cafeteria and eat everyone was there and I walked in and everything went silent. Then everyone started cheering and I guessed that they were watching me train and I got in the line when everyone went back to what they were doing and some people let me go in front of them I got my food and I found David and he was sitting by himself I sat by him and he chimed HI. I asked why everyone was cheering when I walked in and he said because they were watching you train and they don’t have to train until you leave to go find the Magician. We talked for a while then we had to go to our cabins and I got to my cabin and I got in the shower and dried off then I got in wy pajamas and went to sleep and I didn’t dream. Day 2 of training. I got up and got my clothes on at 5:00am and went to the cafeteria and I was the only one there I got my food and ate it very fast. Then I ran to the training center and started my exercises like I did the treadmill for 43 minutes then I did 30 push ups then I got on the treadmill for a while and I didn’t realize Dustifina and everyone else was watching me. Then I got of the treadmill and grabbed a medal dummy and I pressed the dragon in my chest and my suit melted on. I looked at my arms and then they turned into swords and I started attacking the dummy and then the Magicians face appeared on it and everyone saw it and I hit it so hard with my sword arms that they went through it. Then Dustifina  tapped my shoulder and I turned around very fast and put my sword to her neck. Then I saw that it was just Dustifina I made my arms back into their proper state like with fingers and pressed the dragon and then the suit melted of and then Dustifina was like let’s start training with your suit on after you have a little break. I had some water and pressed the dragon and my suit melted on and then we got training like hitting a dummy with my fists and then The Magicians face appeared on it and I hit it super hard and its head went flying off. Then Dustifina told me to exercise while she goes and gets some lunch. When she got back I was still in my suit running on the treadmill while it was up all the way. Then she yelled my name. I looked over and stopped the treadmill and then pressed the dragon and the suit went away and sat down and drank a whole bottle of water in one gulp and ate the food. Then we both finished and then I pressed the dragon and my suit melted on and then we practicd my moves for a few hours. Then we had a little break then we practiced flying for the rest of the time. Then it was my last dinner here and I went into the cafeteria and everyone was very happy that I was there and that I would most likely beat the Magician. I got in line while they were still cheering for me and when I got my food like 10 minutes later they were still cheering then they stopped cheering and I sat down by David and we talked and we were figuring out what wy name should be. He asked if gold boy was cool and then goldilox and I was like no then an idea popped up in my head how about The Golden Dragon so like The Golden Dragon Begins. Then we both agreed on it then we both went to our cabins. I went and got a shower and then went to sleep well I kept waking up every hour on the hour get it from 92.5 haha well I think I am going crazy I am talking to myself. Then I went to sleep fully. I woke up and got my clothes on and went into the cafeteria but it wasn’t just me in there everyone was in there. I got in the line and everyone let me go in front of them and I got my food and then ate very fast and then I said bye to everyone and then I got in a Jeep willy and then Agent Dustifina walked up to me and said by and gave me a shirt that read “SuperHero Training Camp” in gold words on a black shirt. Then she gave me a bear hug. Then she told me the destination and then she put it in the gps and the door closed and I didn’t touch anything but it started driving so I was guessing it was on autopilot or self drive and then I was off by myself with no phone. I looked in the back and there was a ton of food there. Then I blinked and I heard something move. I yelled “who’s there!” Then David popped up And mumbled “Just me”. “Oh Ok” I exhaled. Then he climbed into the front and then I asked what he was doing and he answered that he wanted to help defeat The Magician. My prophecy spoke that I would help the Chosen One or the Golden One. So I am here to help you with what you need. Then I asked if he had any training and He scoffed Yeah I have been training for years. Then I asked if he had slept at all because he had bags under his eyes. Then he yawned and went to sleep and then I went to sleep and I didn’t dream but when we woke up we were out of the desert and then I asked how to change the type of car and he mumbled you press this button as he pointed to a green button that said car change I pressed it and the car changed back into a Bugatti chiron limousine and then we were in the back of the limo and then I looked in the front seat and there was a dummy there and we ate food. Then the gps informed that we were almost there in a german accent. We were both VERY prepared for the big fight that was coming up. We ate some more food but had enough for the ride back with everyone that was kidnapped. Then the GPS informed us that we have reached our destination. Then we went out side of the car and we were at an abandoned warehouse like the one we were in when we were chasing him. Then we walked into the front door then… it started.           The Golden Dragons Big Fight that changed his life Book#2 Then I walked in after the car ride I stretched a little Then I looked over and David was hurt on the ground he had a Jack of spades card stuck in his leg it was so disgusting I will not explain it to you or it would be bad. Then I heard The Magician laugh a sickening laugh then I pressed the dragon symbol in my chest at the right time because a whole card deck came flying at me. Then the fight began I walked onto the big platform and I saw the Magician standing there and then my arms turned into miniguns and I started rapid firing at him while yelling like when groot and Rocket were shooting up the jail guard robots. But right before the golden bullets hit him he kept disappearing and reappearing in different spots then they ran out of ammunition. Then I turned my hands back into hands and arms and then He ran out of cards and then we charged each other. Then we were in a movie thing then we nit each other and then There was a POW as I hit him then A BOOM as he hit me and The Magician Yelled “You will never win and get your brother back Jack.” Then I boomed That My name’s not Jack It is The Golden Dragon.  Then He sneered That That Was the stupidest name EVER and then I hit him super hard and he went flying into the wall with a big crack and the wall split. Then I walked over to him and I was about to take his mask off then he grabbed my hand and I hit him in the face and then I saw the Little bit of blood trickle out of the nose holes in his mask. Then it was like my dream and then I took off his mask… The person behind the mask was Dan my best friend who went missing. Then he woke up and tried to hit me but I was off of him already and walking away. Then he punched me from behind then I went flying and then he walked over to a button and a lot of cages appeared and all of the people that got kidnaped appeared in the cages screaming and then the floor opened up and there was a pit of lava and I flew over as fast as I could before he pressed the button that read eject and I hit him and he was trying to hit the button but right before he pressed the button I yelled “YOU DON’T WANT TO DO THIS” and he “YES I DO!!!” Then he got the button in his hand then with a lot of cracks and a snap I broke his neck. Then his hand slid off the button and I slumped to the ground with his body in my arms then I let go of him and I shut the lava pit and Pressed the eject button and all the cages lowered to the ground and the doors opened. Then they all got out and started cheering for me but I ran the other way and went to David he was freezing cold I yelled if anyone was a doctor and someone came up and pulled the card out of his leg and wrapped his leg up super tight because you have to keep pressure on it and then I ran around calling for Joseph and then I found him then we ran at each other and gave each other a big hug as tears were falling out of my eyes we walked to the vehicle but it was a bus then we loaded everyone in and then We were heading back to the camp the ride back was really fast but in the ride I realized that I still had my suit on and  I pressed the dragon button and the armor collapsed and we got back and then everyone got out and then all of the kids found their parents and everyone was super happy and then everyone was thanking me. So I guess this is what a hero feels like. We didn’t go back to the house because they sold it while we were gone. So we just stayed there and we made everyone learn everyone to hold their dear ones more often so that never happens again.