In the early 19th century the French
sociologist David Émile
Durkheim proclaimed, that all types of deviancy challenges, the normalized
repressiveness of the state. He was the first to suggest that if there is
something wrong with our society, then criminality is a response to that. Durkheim’s
point is sustained by the way laws have become very suppressive in controlling our
actions and power is distributed between authoritative figures. In this aspect,
would the actions of criminals be unlawful, when revolutionaries in the past
successfully used violence to rebel against the states organized system; which
then had a major impact on changing the social structure of society. William
Joseph Chambliss, an American Criminologist reported that the criminal legal
system is ineffective, as it processes individuals who are less likely to be
deterred from the punishment imposed. He proposes that the state wants to
maintain organizational power