Life Coaching: How to Become a Champion Essay

Tony Robbins takes himself as an example of what success really has behind it. Successful life coaching means: “helping clients build life skills”(Nelson-Jones, 2007) According to Robbins, standards and skills are two fundamentals in life coaching as in any other area one is competing for performance. As Robbins underlies over and over again, a life coach is just as any other person who is striving to become best at his or her job. Therefore, a life coach needs to practice first on him or herself.Is essential for a life coach that he or she speak genuinely. In fact, it is impossible to do it otherwise. Nelson-Jones was writing in 2007 that it was only “a matter of time” before coaches will be accepted to practice this job of life coaching only with the condition of being professionally trained.

Robbins speech about standards and rituals is a valuable lesson that could be contained in a class for life coaches. Phrases like: “Rituals define who we are,” “Failure comes from all those little things, as does success,” “You miss the little stuff, you will eventually know failure,” “Success= all the little stuff”(Robbins, 2014 ). One of Robbins’ most important statements is:

“People get rewarded in public for years of practicing”(Robbins, 2014). Here comes the essential part, the part no life coach could do without. Behind every success there are years of hard work. Even extraordinarily gifted people need hard work in order to become the best there is and, most importantly, stay there for as long as possible. Robbins takes two famous examples: Michel Jordan and Michael Phelps. They reached a level of performance no one has ever reached before them, yet there is a huge amount of effort behind their success.

As pointed out before, life coaching means teaching people about life skills. It is also about competition. Since there is no person that will never be defeated at some point, life coaches need to see to their self-improvement all the time. It is Robbins who sais: “Who you spend time with is who you become”(Robbins, 2014) In his speech about performance, he is stressing the importance of looking for valid role models and first strive to emulate them, then even try to surpass them. Even if there is a temporary absence of possibilities to surround one with such role models, there are plenty of examples one can find in someā€¦

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