Crime Data Comparison Essay

crime rate data of burglaries in two U.S. metropolitan localities.

The UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting) Program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation describes the act of burglary as illegal entry into a structure for committing theft or a felony. For labeling a crime as burglary, it is not necessary for the element of ‘forced entry’. UCR provides three sub-categories of burglary: forced entry; non-forced, illegal entry; and attempted forced entry. It defines the term “structure” as any apartment, houseboat or house trailer (utilized as permanent lodgings), office, barn, stable, vessel or ship, and railroad car (however, automobiles are not included). In the year 2012, approximately 2,103,787 burglaries were reported — a 3.7% decline from the previous year (FBI — Burglary). Compared to the figures for 2003 and 2008, burglaries declined in 2012 by 2.4% and 5.6%, respectively. The approximate burglary rate constituted 23.4% of the approximate property crime rate. Subcategory-wise, 59.7% of burglaries were forced entries, 33.9% were illegal entries, and the remaining 6.3% came under the category of attempted forced entries. In 2012, burglary victims bore property losses worth roughly 4.7 billion dollars. On the whole, losses of 2,230 dollars were, averagely, experienced for every burglary. Residential property burglaries made up about three-quarters of all burglaries.

Area with More Reported Incidents/Rates

In Texas’s Abilene City (Jones, Taylor, and Callahan Counties), the year 2012 alone witnessed a total of 1,037 individual burglary incidents, with the burglary rate being 737.1 residents for every 100,000 people (FBI — Burglary). Georgia’s Atlanta city witnessed 2, 062 burglary reports in 2012, with the burglary rate being 1,311.4 residents for every 100,000 people.

Did Rates Change over Time?

In 2014, Abilene witnessed a rise in rape, aggravated assault, and homicides. For every Part 1 offense individually, categorized as more serious crimes, the city witnessed a growth of 13%. Stan Standridge. Chief of the Abilene Police Force, claims the department is making internal changes for meeting the increased demand, and requests community members to join hands with law enforcement for lowering crime rates. In the year 2014, the city saw seven homicides in total (Miller, 2016). The previous year witnessed only one reported homicide case; therefore, statistically, a 600% growth in homicide rates occurred in 2014. Another crime that witnessed a dramatic growth of 143% was rape. The 2013 and 2014 reported incidents of rape were 37 and 90, respectively. The offense of aggravated assault witnessed a growth of 8%, from 317 cases in 2013 to 342 cases in 2014. The burglary rate increased, too. In Georgia’s Atlanta city, burglary underwent a decline, to roughly 1,200…

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