Cloud Computing Risks and Security Essay

Security Flaws and Risks in Cloud Computing


Significance of the Problem to Leadership

Primary research

Secondary research

Review of the Literature

Title searches, Articles, Research Documents, and Journals

History of Cloud Computing

Enhance cloud-computing security

Data is entrusted to a stranger

Inside attacks

Government & Marketing Intrusion

No standardization of safety

No customer service

Cyber attacks

Vodafone phishing scam

Eric Snowden NSA Breach phishing attack.

Target Breach

Contrasting Views: Safety of Cloud computing

Historical Summary of Cloud computing

Evolution of Cloud computing

Evolution of Cloud Computing as outsourcing agent

Current Security Tools in Cloud computing

Intrusion Detection Systems

Anti-virus/Anti Malware

Risk management in Cloud computing

Manage Inside Attacks: Ensure safe hiring practices

2.24 Make a proper contract with your cloud provider 64

2.25 Know the protocol for Data Loss and Recovery 65

2.26 Outsourcing: A Risk Management Strategy 65

2.27 Summary 66

3 Chapter 3: Methodology 68

3.1 Research Method and Design Appropriateness 69

3.2 Population 71

3.3 Sampling 72

3.4 Informed Consent 73

3.5 Confidentiality 74

3.6 Geographic Location 74

3.7 Data Collection 75

3.8 Instrumentation 79

3.9 Validity and Reliability 80

3.10 Data Analysis 81

3.11 Data Clustering 82

3.12 Textual Descriptions 82

3.13 Research Methodology Framework 83

3.14 Summary 84

References 85

Appendix 102

List of Figures

Figure 1 Cloud penetration across different sectors for the year 2011, 2012 and predictive indication for the next two years (Cisco, 2012) 9

Figure 2 The two domains that highlight security concerns of cloud computing 22

Figure 3 Research Methodology Framework 84

Chapter 1: Introduction

Foster et. al (2011) defined that cloud computing is a large-scale computing paradigm that is moved by economies of scale. In this pool, there is abstracted, dynamically scalable, virtualized, storage and platforms delivered to external customers over the internet (Foster et. al, 2011). This known as cloud computing basically encompassed activities such as interpersonal computing and use of social network sites. Beginning from 2008, a variety of services came into being that enable computing resources to be accessed over the Internet. Nonetheless, cloud computing basically is concerned with data storage, accessing online software applications and processing power. In simpler terms, cloud computing is referred to a way on adding capabilities or increasing capacity without having to invest in more infrastructure, personnel or software (Popovic & Hocenski, 2010). In the old days, people used to save everything on the computer; either data…

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