To check if nasal index is a parameter for estimating gender difference 
         South Indian people of various age groups were chosen and the nasal index of males and females were calculated. The width of the nose  and the nasal height was calculated using a vernier caliper. The nasal index of both males and females was then done to conclude if nasal index can be used as a parameter to estimate gender difference.. A cross sectional study of the nasal parameters were thus taken to estimate and thereby compare the nasal index.

using the nasal parameters such as nasal width, nasal length and the nasal indices, the comparison between the nasal indices of the males and the females of South India was done and recorded. for females ,the mean nasal index was 84.71. And for males, the mean nasal index was 91.61. The p value is 0.002909 and the t-value is 2.83591. The result is significant at p

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