1. Reliance International travel
insurance plan

international travel insurance plan
provided by Reliance covers a variety of situations while you travel abroad
alone or with your family.Some of the situations covered under the plan are:

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It covers all the medical expenses
incurred by you or any of your family members during the journey. It bears the
medical expenses of sudden illness, injury or death of your and your family

It gives compensation for expenses made
for medical evacuation.

It covers the expenses occurred while
transporting the mortal remains back home or towards burial abroad.

It gives compensation for body injury happened
in an accidentalduring the trip.

It covers all the expenses for obtaining
a new or duplicate passport if you lost your passport during travel.

It gives total compensation for loss of
your checked-in baggage by airline service provider or a common carrier service

Don’t need to worry about the expenses
you suffer due to delay of a trip. This plan covers all the expenses incurred
for the delay in flight for more than 12 hours. The reason behind the delay
should be the airline, medical, personal employment problems or natural

This plan covers any kind of expenses happened
due to the cancellation of the trip or interrupted. The reason behind such
cancelation must be related to the airline, medical, personal employment
problems or natural disasters.

It gives total reimbursement of return
ticket cost for a family member visiting you.

2. Tata AIG Travel Guard Insurance

do not have to carry extra baggage of worries when you do for an overseas trip.
Starting from lost belongings to emergency medical care, you can leave all your
concerns on the Tata AIG Travel Guard Insurance plan and enjoy your
vacation.Some of the situations covered under the plan are:

This plan compensates you if you lose
your baggage while traveling by the airline. So, there is no need to worry
about the cost of your lost baggage.

This plan compensates you to buy
essential goods if your baggage is delayed or misdirected.

It pays you a distress allowance in case
your flight gets hijacked unlawfully.

During your stay in other country, if
someone robbed your baggage, it pays for your losses and damages in the event
of a burglary.

It covers all the expenses incurred to
get a duplicate or new passport, in case it gets lost during your travel.

It reimburses you if you face any issues
due to the delay of your flight caused by the airline or natural disasters.

If you have this plan, then you will get
reimbursement in case of bounced bookings of hotels and airline in other

3. Apollo Munich Health Overseas
Travel Insurance

plan aims to make your abroad travel safe and hassle-free by guarding you
against all travel and non-travel inconveniences. Some of the situations
covered under the Apollo Munich Health Overseas Travel Insurance are:

It comes with pre-trip information
service. It gives you all the important up-to-date information related with travel
and health.

This plan includes a 24/7 customer
supports and you can get access to medical advice over telephone from the
country you are currently staying.

It gives best references for medical
service and best hospitals which come under this plan and you can avail free
treatment there.

It covers all the medical expenses
occurred during hospitalization.

It covers the expenses for compassionate
visit, emergency evacuation, repatriation, repatriation of mortal remains.

It compensates you for lost baggage.

Covers all the expenses required to get
a new or duplicate passport if you lost it during travel under a valid reason.

It comes with embassy or interpreter
referral services and if something happens wrong with your you the embassy will
help you in this.

4. Religare Explore International
Travel Insurance

of the major highlights of international
travel Insurance plan provided by Religare Explore are as following:

It covers all the medical/dental
emergencies expenses.

It gives full compensation in case of
flight cancellation and if you lost your travel related documents during the

It gives compensations for personal
accident, fatal damages, and sudden demise of the insured person.

It bears the repatriation costs in case
of death in other countries.

5. Chola Overseas Travel Protection

Overseas Travel Protection Policy takes care of you while you travel abroad. It
ensures that your trip is relaxed, comfortable and free from any sort of stress
that tends to ruin your trip. Some of the key features of the plan are:

You don’t need to go through any type of
medical procedures to get this policy.

No need to pay a single cash for
hospitalization and claims.

It covers the expenses happened due to
illness or accidents during the travel.

It bears the cost required for emergency
evacuation of the mortal.

It pays compensation if the aircraft is
delayed and also bears the expenses required to obtain a new or duplicate

You will get full compensation if you
permanently lostyour checked-in baggage while traveling.

It compensates you for the losses due to
theft, pilferage or robbery.

You will get a good sum of hijack
distress allowance under this plan.

sum it all, overseas health insurance offers comfort, convenience and financial
aid when you travel abroad. It protects the needs o the insured at every step
of their journey and thus provides them with a safe, secure and pleasant travel